Site Management

If you’re intimidated with the idea of running your web site. Don’t be! We’ll show you how to post and update your content, add valuable plugins, and run your online creation easily.

Today’s CMS web authoring options are numerous. Some cost you money. Some do not. Some retain control of your designs, while others allow you unlimited portability to take your site anywhere you want if you decide to make host or server changes. Still others package their plans with hosting, storage and e-commerce perks, endless add-ons, and all sorts of confusing options that will drive you crazy, if you actually click on all of them. HM Bailey has used and tested many of them. Certainly the most popular.

The decision here is to favor WordPress. Let’s just sum it quickly. 1) Its open source technology. One of the very first to bring it to all of us. It doesn’t cost anything to use, export, or build to your benefit. WordPress is a company with roots in the sharing philosophy of the open internet and a fundamental dedication to nurture the good of that philosophy for communication and progress. They have no interest in exploiting your information, or using your data, or participation with their technology for any other underlying reasons. 2) Once you understand the WordPress system, which can happen as quickly as a couple hours, you will find is is the most flexible, exportable, expandable, full featured, user-friendly, and enjoyable web authoring program available on the market. Free or fee. While every web authoring option and package has its own sets of pros and cons, we would confidently match WordPress head to head with the other choices out there for most applications. Feel free to ask us more.

WordPress allows an almost limitless range of complexity for the vast majority of web site concepts and functions. Many web site owners get comfortable with their own site management, if the demands are light. Others with more complexity and thriving e-commerce choose not to handle the day to day operations because. For those of you who plan on developing a website that includes frequently changing content, is part of a growing level of user interactivity, engages actively in e-commerce, or generally requires diligent oversight, you are, or will be, pressed into action more than you expect.

If you have other things to do with your days and nights (and you do), you will work late, miss meals, cram other jobs, and ultimately lose a grasp on the non-web responsibilities of your project or business in order to carry out site management duties.

HM Bailey will manage your site with timely updates, social media integration, email management, content strategy, search marketing, sales processing, blog maintenance, traffic reporting, user support, and more, depending on your specific needs.

If you want, or need, a separate tech support program that goes beyond the call of a web site, we can do that too. Explain your needs. We’ll work on a plan.

If you are not sure about your needs, we are happy to help get you started with a free short term site management period.