Search Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in concept, is a good practice, but it is not a free ticket to high exposure, nor traffic.

The mere fact that SEO has become a buzzword as a selling tool and development discipline says how clogged the information pipes have become. It’s elbow to elbow out there, no matter how you slice it. There is no question that a focus on SEO is important when developing a website, but, if you are depending solely on the latest brainstorm or endless checklists of design practice to get noticed, you are missing the point of basic marketing which applies to all entities wishing to allure, increase, and maintain traffic. It’s about you, and your project or enterprise. Your website. Your vision. Think that through first. Tighten the plan, and then, HM Bailey will help you implement the search optimization tools and activity to increase your odds of getting noticed.

SEO Tips

Don’t Worry About Ranking
Search engine ranking is a very ambiguous term. There is no hard and fast rule to attain rank in search engines. But at the end what matters is what your objective is. Undoubtedly that is to have customers to sell products or services. So, rather than thinking about your search engine ranking, focus on your visitors and how can your site help them. Once you attain good customers it will gradually increase because sometimes mouth publicity is more reliable than search ranking.

Flash and Animation
People believe in making catchy and appealing websites for which they put heavy graphics and Flash animation. These adornments don’t help them in getting good search results because search engines can’t read Flash pages. The search engines find it difficult to decipher the information about the website. Content is the only thing which helps search engines to know about the website. Hence it is essential to have a balance between the content and the graphics. The ultimate aim of any website is to sell the products or services. If you have too many graphics without valuable content then it might only attract the visitor without making them your potential customers.

Content plays a vital role in optimizing a website. Well written content represents the authenticity of the website. Content evaluation and organization should be well defined while plotting a website. Building necessary content, then organizing it according to the visitors need is a major step in website planning. Content has to be crisp, brief and right to the point. Ambiguous content may deter the audience’s attention. Hence content should be well edited and it should accomplish the target audience’s objectives. It is always better to conduct in-depth research before putting the content in your site. Content involves every alphabet featured in your website. You need to categorize content with brief and descriptive words which should be lucid and attractive.

Search engines do not recognize images and other graphics. If you have good text in your content, don’t cover it with any graphics. Graphics should be used to make your site look more vibrant and attractive. Graphics should be the garnishing to your website. If you use graphics directly in text it might decrease your chances for a good ranking in search pages. These graphics include Flash also. When you design a well written text in Flash, it is similar to not having text all. The text which is visible to you is far less visible to the search engines, if it’s in Flash. Search engines need to have content to list your website. And remember, all graphics no content can make your website dull and invisible to the users.