About HMBailey


In 2004, I started HMBailey to answer a need in the academic and business communities for dependable web site management and communication support. The mission was to help educational departments develop their web presence, achieve punctual updating, and fill the demanding communication needs of busy professors, administrators, and university registrars.

Since that time, HMBailey has helped Yale University, the CIQLE Research Center, the Center for Comparative Research, the Yale Urban Ethnography Project, the Social Science History Association, NYU Abu Dhabi, the National Science Foundation, and many other academic professionals and business clients increase their web site development and online publishing.

From coding CSS and XHTML files for hundreds of course descriptions, conference web sites and special events, to digital video, photo imaging, and data mining, HMBailey knows how to support multiple needs from department chairs and directors, to faculty and administrators.

HMBailey promises a smooth and productive workflow with you, or your project team, while balancing your technical needs with budget realities. If you have little time, or luxury, to indulge the complexity, and the cost, of high design, but, want your presence online quickly, cleanly, and coherently, then, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks for stopping by!

Michael Bailey