James Hill

James Hill

Good photography is still fun, so why not work at it a little?

In an earlier post, I wrote about my (currently) diminished interest in taking photographs as an automatic impulse. While this has clearly reduced my output of self generated visual content, when I do “take pictures”, I still pay attention to composition, subject matter, lighting, and a smattering of technical considerations that help improve the end result.

James Hill, a contract photographer with the New York Times, has some great tips and apps that anyone can use to improve their point and shoot creations. 

Snapping Good Photos With Your Phone

James Hill

Every family has its designated vacation photographer, so it was, to put it mildly, a moment of sheer horror when I arrived at the Naples airport last summer with my wife and two children for a brief stay on the Amalfi Coast and realized that I had forgotten my camera.

It wasn’t the first time. Many years ago, a friend asked me to photograph his wedding. I packed film but for some reason left my usual camera, a Nikon single-lens reflex, behind and found myself left with a simple Ricoh point-and-shoot camera. I heard the bride’s mother say, “I thought you told me he was a professional.”

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