Privacy2Sometimes, I have no choice but to deliberately stop thinking about the vast security troubles facing all technology users. It can really be intimidating.

I should add the word crippling for some users who are so protective of their data, that there is really no solution that can ever satisfy their peace of mind. Unless of course, there were to cease web work entirely. Try that shoe on for size. Why dontcha?

The time has come for all users who go online (Uh, anybody in this country who doesn’t? Oh, yea, maybe some ninety year old in Nebraska.) to accept that being online means putting your personal stuff at risk, and that in order to lower your odds, you need to invest time, discipline, and perhaps money to do so.

But wait, its not just being online. It gets worse, as Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times reminds us in his recent article. An important read.

Users’ Stark Reminder: As Web Grows, It Grows Less Secure

Farhad Manjoo

It was the computer programming equivalent of misspelling Mississippi — an error at once careless, inevitable and hard for most human eyes to spot.

The bug known as Heartbleed, a flaw widely replicated in the main system for encrypting consumers’ online data, is a stark reminder that the Internet is still in its youth, and vulnerable to all sorts of unseen dangers, including simple human error. Today’s digital systems are complex and penetrate every corner of our lives. It is impossible to lock them down.

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